Metamatic – John Foxx

I loved this record when I was a kid, and played it constantly. The sounds on this album are of the time, but, listening to it now, I think it still holds up. It certainly wears its influences on its sleeve (or on its ARP Odyssey low pass filter) Man Machine era Kraftwerk being the main one. Underpass is a great track, a mix of clinical Kraftwerk beats with almost classically sounding riffs driving the chorus, but really, best of all, it sounds like he is singing underpants, which is what me and my friend sang throughout 1981 whenever we played it.
Metal Beat is another great track, but with some quite cringeworthy stereo effects on Foxx’s voice, I don’t think I noticed this until now. No-one Driving was one of my favourite tracks on the album, well it was in 1981, I am not sure if it still is. That is the problem with nostalgia, it blurs your objectivity. Do I still like this track, or do I like the memory of it?
Blurred Girl was a track that I hadn’t really noticed until recently, it is a great track, sounding like a guitarless Magazine.
Hidden gem: Touch and Go
Micro review; Synth-noodlings from the Marcel Duchamp of electropop

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