Replicas – Tubeway Army

I was a fairly avid Numanoid in the early days, once Gary started to become a bit of a cock, I ditched him. But the first couple of albums are amazing and this Tubeway Army (which is a Gaz album in all but name) album was what hooked me in. Are Friends Electric was one of those jump out of the radio records, when you hear it you basically stop what you are doing to listen, another one from my youth was Laurie Anderson’s O Superman.
Down in the Park is still one of the best songs to come out of the 80s electro-pop movement, it had everything, atmospheric, an obbsession with Phil K Dick, odd lyrics, and an amazing sound that just got under your skin.
When we were kids we used to call The Human League, The Numan League (we were really that witty) to demonstrate our belief that Phil and co were a derivative outfit. None of us realised however that they were all the bastard children of Ralf Hutter.
Micro review: I’ve got a MiniMoog and I’m gonna to use it.
Hidden gem: It Must Have Been Years (sounds like it should have been on the first album, but still great)


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