A Broken Frame – Depeche Mode

I can’t stand this emotional violence.
I don’t know what possessed me to listen to this today. I guess I have this theory about Depeche Mode and I wanted to test it. There are two Depeche Modes, we can call them BH (before heroin) and AH (after heroin). I suppose I wanted to listen to this album as it is most definitely a BH album. I think the first AH album is possibly Black Celebration?
This really doesn’t sound like the same band, comparing it to what they became. Here they are, pre-heroin, no tattoos, short hair and five-a-side tashes. I like this album though, bumfluff and all.
It reminds me of school and old friends (I love how music has that effect). See You still stands up as a great 80s electro-pop song and Leave in Silence is a gem (Basildon Kraftwerk), I am not being tongue in cheek here, it is a great track, and easily one of their best songs. Not sure how much emotional violence goes on in Basildon, possibly quite a bit.
Question time: Which is your favourite Gore, Martin or Al?

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