Magic Fly – Space

I dug this album out after seeing them on Top of the Pops 1977 a couple of weeks ago. It is the only album I have by them and was basically bought after a guy I knew introduced me to them, he had a lot of the later stuff, which is also quite interesting. I had basically considered them a one hit wonder, which in many ways I suppose they were. I always seem to lump them in with The Rah Band, who also had the novelty hit The Crunch around the same time. Space and Magic Fly have really stood the test of time, The Rah Band haven’t.
This is a great album, a post-Moroder electro-disco romp, with space suits. Magic Fly is still a great record and anyone of a certain age has to relate to it, here I am 11 again and it makes me feel all warm inside, I like that feeling. Listening to Carry On, Turn Me On, which was the other single from the album, I have suddenly realised where the band Air got all their ideas, basically it is from this one song. Incredible that they made this one song the blueprint for all their albums.
Hidden gem: Tango in Space (Kraftwerk plays funk)
Micro review: Daft Punk’s grandparents

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