The Crack – The Ruts

With anxiety…
I loved The Ruts when I was a kid, it seemed like everyone I knew at that time owned the Babylon’s Burning single. I found a copy of it in an Oxfam a couple of years ago and based on my reaction you would have thought I had found some buried treasure (it isn’t really that scarce). It was a great single and listening to this now I wonder where this band could have ended up. It all could have gone pear-shaped though, they could have morphed into a punk rock version of Chas and Dave.
From the opening alarm bell of Babylon’s Burning, it is two and half minutes of very exciting post-punk pop, I am glad I was there at the time to soak it up and be part of the musical revolution. Well it would have been a bit nicer to have been a couple of years older, so I could have actually understood the depth of it. I was, in fact, 12 when it came out.
Some fantastic tracks on this album, Dope for Guns, SUS and the fantastic Something That I Said. Best non-single track on the album is Jah War, simply perfect.
Micro review: Post-Punk’s first pop band.
Hidden Gem: Jah War
RIP Malcolm Owen

One thought on “The Crack – The Ruts

  1. Thanks for that mate..actually Jah War was a single but kinda “got banned ” or rather not played by Radio one because of it’s content about Southhall riots ..There’s a french 12 inch version too…

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