Who Are You – The Who

TV is the ruination of all music, clever producers plundering rock’s great back catalogue to make their crap, mindless TV more interesting. Sigur Rós’ Hoppípolla is now associated in my head with the X-Factor and I just can’t get past it, I may have to try therapy. The C.S.I franchise’s use of The Who’s Who Are You is another ruination. I really have a problem with contemporary crime shows on TV, they all seem like a glorified episode of Scooby Doo. They throw in a couple of red hearings then in the end a lesser character is exposed as the perpetrator. All you need now is the guilty to turn to the camera and say- And I would have gotten away with if it wasn’t for you pesky, good looking, chiselled cheek boned, forensic scientists.
If I am being honest here, not the greatest Who album in the canon. I fancied listening to it though as it is Keith Moon’s last album.
The Entwhistle tracks really stand out on this album, especially Trick of the Light. You got to love the John Entwhistle story, the quiet man of rock, dies in the arms of a stripper, what a guy. Sister Disco sounded good tonight, never a favourite though. Still the best track, C.S.I not withstanding, is Who Are You. This is a great song to whistle, as my wife found out to her cost tonight.
Micro review: Maybe they could use Boris the Spider for a Richard Attenbrough documentary about arachnids?
RIP Moony

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