Marquee Moon – Television

Anti-rock from the anti-band with the anti-guitarists Verlaine and Lloyd, with their anti-solos. Sometimes music writers really talk a load of balls. But for me the term that makes me scream is angular guitars.
I am, to say the least, a bit annoyed at how this term that gets bandied around, angular guitars, what does it even mean! I don’t think the people who use it really know what it means, they use it because somebody else did, and they did because someone else did. Maybe someone used it for a joke in a fanzine 25 years ago, now look where we are.
This is a great album, anti-solos and angular guitars aside. Still love Venus and the guitar (no matter how you describe it) is exquisite. My favourite track has to be Marquee Moon, what a track, those guitars are just simply amazing, especially through the instrumental breaks between the verses and chorus, angular man.
Micro review: The first Post-Punk album released in the midst of Punk (how did that happen).
Hidden gem: Elevation (complete with the jarring offbeat).

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