Elliot Smith – Elliot Smith

But you idiot kid, you don’t have a clue.
Unlike Nigel Tufnell’s amps, I think Elliot’s only went up to 4, but it makes this album sound amazing, stripped back grunge, with a fragile voice. Tonight, listening to this, I think we all knew, it wasn’t going to end well.
Needle in the Hay is an absolute gem, talk about intimate. The songs on this album don’t get much more intimate than this, death, god and despair, that isn’t the lyrics, that’s just what I hear in his voice. When I lived in Korea an American friend of mine tried to get me to listen to Elliot, I have to admit I never got him in 1995. It was after seeing Good Will Hunting that I started to like what I was hearing, but this album, for me, is his best. Most of the tracks on here are amazing, but if I were to call out say three, I would say Alphabet Town and Christian Brothers get heavy rotation on my ipod most months and Single File is just amazing. We should embrace him, he is my generation’s Nick Drake (yes, a tragic figure, but also a genius).
Hidden gem; Southern Belle (sounding like a grungy Leonard Cohen)
Micro review; Quiet songs about Kierkegaard, RIP


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