This Year’s Model – Elvis Costello

When we were kids we tried to sing along to Pump it Up, however the whole thing was indecipherable and we ended up just singing lines of nonsense. Listening to this tonight I still can’t figure out the lyrics. I been atendhoot, anyheen, dirlehoots. Listen to the moosat… Great song though. And in our modern world, these lyrics are but a google search and a pop-up advertisement away, actually the lyrics are really clever, after 34 years of thinking it was just babble.
I remember looking at this album (In Musicore, Durham) when it came out. I couldn’t understand, as he didn’t look like a punk rocker, and looked more like my dad. Then I saw him doing (I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea on Top of the Pops, glasses and all, and then I was hooked.
Where do you start with this album, This Year’s Girl, Pump it Up, Chelsea, Lip Service, Radio Radio. Radio Radio was the first Elvis single I bought, with that glorious keyboard (I know it isn’t on the original record, but hey it’s on the one I am listening to now)
Hidden gem: How do you do a hidden gem from this album, more like hidden 10.
Micro review: Not since Buddy Holly has a bespectacled gentleman made such a glorious racket.

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