Empyrean Isles – Herbie Hancock

Well here it is, no stupid stories about falling down the stairs of record shops. No rants against modern culture. Just me and Herbie, sweet. I am listening to this and writing while at Dublin airport waiting for my flight. It is the perfect chilled out soundtrack to the bustle outside my cocoon. Every track is a classic, although you can’t fail when there are only four tracks! But two tracks stand-out for me, Oliloqui Valley and the enormous thing that is Cantaloupe Island. Everyone in the world needs to have a copy of Cantaloupe Island, it is that good. Not only is Herbie’s (He has earned the right to be known only by his first name, bit like Gordon Sumner) piano a work of sublime genius, listen to Freddie Hubbard blow man, awesome. I wish everyone in Terminal one could share this with me, maybe I could break into the control room and play Oliloqui Valley over the PA, ala Shawshank Redemption.
Micro review: No smart-arsed comments, just listen.

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