Bring ‘Em All In – Mike Scott

A couple of weeks ago I attended an event, wasn’t a gig as such, it was Mike Scott reading from his new book (which was very funny and made him seem more down to earth than I had pegged him for) and playing a couple of numbers (see what I did there, used the more rock starish numbers instead of the usual tracks) with Steve Whickham. Afterwards I remarked to my gig companion that I would actually pay money to see them do a full gig as a duo, they were that good.
After a bit of digging around I found this solo Mike Scott album, just him and his guitar, and it is a revelation.
One track, What Do You Want Me to Do? is as good as anything Scott wrote with The Waterboys, a gem of a song, not a hidden one though. I haven’t spent much time with this album but another stand-out on first listen is Wonderful Disguise, classic Scott, melodic, spiritual, and everything inbetween.
Hidden gem; City Full of Ghosts – Dublin (for obvious reasons)
Micro review; The Marharishi in hat and shades does it again.

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