American Beauty – Thomas Newman

One time while I was in the USA I was tasked by my wife (this does not happen often) to make a CD for our road trip. Quintessential American rockers floated through my head, Chuck Berry, The Eagles, Tom Petty, Elvis, the list was endless. However, as is my want (re: stubborn), I decided to go a little bit Left field and made a Thomas Newman compilation, a heady mixture from my three favourite albums, Revolutionary Road, American Beauty and The Shawshank Redemption. Needless to say, this wasn’t universally received on the trip.
The thing is Thomas Newman’s music is perfect driving music, the perfect soundtrack to the flatlands of the Midwest, much more appropriate than The Eagles. While we drove through Indiana I (I think at this point I was the only one listening) felt the music was describing the landscape of our journey, it was describing the small Midwestern towns and their inhabitants. The tracks from American Beauty probably stood out most from the trip, especially Dead Already and Arose. Any Other Name began playing as we made our way through a rainy, dark Greenfield, IN. It was like watching a film through the windscreen, Thomas you are a genius, you wrote a soundtrack for my car journey, how did you manage that?
Hidden gem; Weirdest Home Videos (Tangerine Dream on a marimba)


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