Blues and Roots – Charlie Mingus

I used to think Channel 4 was a great TV channel (sorry overseas readers, can you indulge me for a moment) I remember learning so much about culture growing up on a diet of Channel 4. My love of Japanese cinema started with Channel 4, I kid you not. However there has been a very startling decline in Channel 4, and I can pinpoint when I really noticed it. For much of the 90s I lived overseas, I returned to the UK in 2002 and was witness to this sorry spectacle. One night I was cooking some dinner and I had Channel 4 on in the background. I wasn’t aware of the show, all I heard was the phrase Mingus. I got rather excited as I am quite the Charlie Mingus fan. I ran in the living room to see which clip of the great man they were going to show. However there was no Charlie Mingus, nobody was saying Mingus, they were shouting minger, aided and abetted by Vernon Kay, classy. There it is, anyone reading this and writing a history of Channel 4. There is your title: A History of Channel 4 from Mingus to minger.
This is such a great album, when I feel like a lift after a hard day at work, I go upstairs and put Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting on as loud as I dare (sorry Alun). It instantly makes me feel better, just watch me Post-bop around the room. There just isn’t a bad track on this album, although it is almost ruined by Dolce & Gabbana among others using Moanin’ to flog there bullshit products. I wish advertisers would keep their dirty little hands off, mingers.
Hidden gem: Tensions
Micro review: Maybe I will send Vernon Kay a copy of this album, he needs it.

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