Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

Whenever I hear Iron Maiden I automatically think of Spinal Tap, one is a parody heavy metal band and the other released an album called Smell the Glove, see they are the same band. Phantom of the Opera is a great track though, including the amazing guitar from Tufnel. After listening to Phantom of the Opera I suddenly have a thirst for Lucazade, not really, Satchi and Satchi, nice try though.
Google is wonderful, for the hell of it I searched Lacan and rock, and it spat out this beauty of an online journal article, I so wanted it to be a wind up, but I don’t think it is. It is called Lacan and the Perversion of Heavy Metal: “Cock Rock” and the Almighty Phallus, you have got to love cultural studies.
I am off to write my cultural studies article, A Freudian analysis of Richard Thompson’s Beret.
Micro review: I still think Running Free sounds like The Damned.

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