Murder Ballads – Nick Cave

He had a colt .45 and a deck of cards, Stagger Lee.
More death and doom from Uncle Nick and his firebrand, preacher rock from the pulpit of sin (ohh, get you). For all its doom and gloom I can’t listen to Stagger Lee without laughing, every time I laugh. I am sure this was Uncle Nick’s intent. Even listening now I am shaking my head and grinning like a fool. I am pretty positive that everyone else who listens to this track laughs, it can’t just be me.
And then going from the ridiculous to the sublime we have Henry Lee (no relation). This is a great song, and like all the other songs on this album it doesn’t end well for the victim, even a little penknife, is still a knife.
It is hard to ignore Nick’s most commercial moment, Where the Wild Roses Grow. It is elevated to greatness by Kylie’s innocently fragile vocal, making the lyrical content even more shocking.
Hidden gem: O’Malley’s Bar. 14 minutes of murder, mayhem and disembowelment.
Micro Review: 60 minutes of murder, mayhem and disembowelment

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