The Covers Record – Cat Power

Sometimes artists make songs their own, Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt, The Jam’s version of The Kinks’ David Watts are great examples of when the cover version transcends the original artists version. We also have the opposite, the hilariously awful Thank You, an album of pointless covers by Duran Duran (It should have been called No Thank You).
Cat Power is no Duran Duran, she takes these songs, shakes them up and owns them, completely. Troubled Waters, is exceptional and feels like she wrote every word. Breathing life into the Velvet Underground’s I found a Reason, it now becomes the most interesting song on Loaded.
Satisfaction is where she really takes a song and becomes it. It is certainly a better version, but it also becomes a different song, a less confident song than on Jagger’s lips.
Hidden gem: Sea of Love, it sounds like it may break at any point.
Micro Review: Second-hand maladies with an acoustic guitar.

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