The Shape of Things – Pere Ubu

Talk about low-fi, this was recorded on a cassette recorder. Although the crowd noises are sometimes louder than the band it is still amazing.
I really wish I could claim that these chaps influenced my young post-punk life, but I am just not that cool. Although by the sounds of everybody talking throughout the recording some of the punters seem to be there by accident, rather than design. If I were to be honest about the biggest cultural influences of the late 70s it would be more accurate to say they were Oliver Postgate and Peter Cushing.
This was recorded in 1976 and makes Pere Ubu sound well ahead of the game in terms of what was going on in CBGBs. Great versions of Heart of Darkness and 30 Seconds Over Tokyo. The version of Final Solution is as garage as it gets. The most interesting track on the record for me is Cloud 149, it sounds amazingly fresh and relevent and reminds me of The Fall.
Micro review: Punk/New wave/post-punk year zero? It can’t be all three, but it sounds like it.

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