At the Club – Kenickie

This is heaven, didn’t ya know, dya reckon?
I missed these Makem musos first time around as I lived in South Korea and they didn’t really break Asia.
I really think they missed a trick though with the name, they could have called themselves the Houghton-Le-Spring Hockelers, for those living below the 55th parallel, hockeling is a phlegmatic expectoration.
Oh, Brit pop how you left your mark on the cultural landscape, although that mark has faded so much it is now practically non-existent. This album sounds like it was influenced by bands that formed 2 months before Kenickie did, and I struggle to hear anything good in it. I can’t imagine many other people are giving this a spin tonight, 15 years after its release. To be honest I don’t think people were giving it a spin 15 days after its release.
Micro review; A Sunderland Elastica (I know, that’s harsh)


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