Psychedelic Pill – Neil Young

Driving around town today, buying the last few bits for our New Years Eve party, I was trying to find something to listen to on the radio. Generally in Tennessee I have to crawl through 50 country music channels and evangelical channels before finding something. I found the local NPR station (National Public Radio, a less posh Radio 4) and heard the unmistakable sound of Neil Young’s distorted guitar. I was quite happy with myself that I recognised Mr. Young’s guitar sound, he plays the guitar like no one, he seems to let it play itself.
The track in question was She’s Always Dancing, I hadn’t yet heard this album, so I wasn’t entirely sure if this track was on it. So for the next couple of hours I trawled around small town Tennessee in search of the album. After a couple of near misses, I gave up after a fruitless, and soul destroying Walmart visit and went back and bought it on itunes.
Micro review; Like a fleece blanket, I wrapped myself up in this album and drifted off to another place.

Please – Pet Shop Boys

I was taught a new word the other day, munter. My taxi driver, taught me it. He was a charming man whose stomach touched the steering wheel and whose BO smelt weeks rather than days old. I never quite decided what the word meant, but I guess it was a less than complementary term to describe a woman. Does the word come from Gabrielle Munter, the German expressionist, I asked? I didn’t think he would have got the reference, and his reply was the old northern standby, Are you gay mate? often uttered by taxi drivers everywhere when you don’t quite add up.
His music taste didn’t quite add up either, he was listening to the Pet Shop Boys, a strange choice for a homophobic cabbie. When I got home, everyone was in bed so I went upstairs and listened to West End Girls and Love Comes Quickly (one of their best singles).
Micro review; A soundtrack for homophobic cab rides.