New Boots and Panties – Ian Dury

A seasoned-up hyena could not have been more obscener
Can I ever watch a music show and get shocked by a performance again, I don’t mean some daft girl with her baps out, that is an everyday occurrence in many small towns across the north-east. I mean, like when I first saw Ian Dury doing What a Waste. I viewed Ian Dury with a mixture of fascination and fear, a bit like how I viewed Cat Weasel a number of years before.
This is a great album with some great tracks, Billericay Dickie sounds like x-rated Chas and Dave and still makes me laugh. When I first heard this album, after hearing What a Waste I was surprised by its jazz and funky elements, listening now it is those touches that make it great. The heart of the album, for me, is Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, fantastic, and has become a term of abuse, or endearment depending on your taste.
When I first had this album it was on cassette. I could never figure out if it needed Dolby B or Dolby C and I still feel like some tracks need the hiss, they sound odd without it.
Hidden gem: My Old Man

3 thoughts on “New Boots and Panties – Ian Dury

  1. I always look forward to your posts. My collection is about 1500 albums.
    The thing is that about 1/3 of them were given to me by friends who didn’t think they mattered anymore. Poor fools. Also, a box of my records was stolen. About 75 records. The upshot of all this is that I don’t know all of what I have. Every once in a while your post will send me looking through my somewhat alphabetized collection for the record of note.

    I knew I had some Ian Dury. It turns out I have what looks and sounds like a never played copy of New Boots And Panties! It’s been played now and I thank-you for showing me that this was something I wanted to hear. So glad someone gave it to me too. Unfortunately, I don’t get to hear that funky original tape hiss either as this Stiff Records LP is as quiet as a mouse. I do hear that funky groove though and I like it!
    ROCK ON,

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