Cop – Swans

A guy came up to me and my family last week and said I hate to ask, before he got his words out, and without realising I did it, I said, but are friends electric? I know, I am such an anorak, I’m sorry. He was actually asking where a particular shop was, as he saw the name of it on a bag we were carrying. I guess he really did hate asking me. That rates pretty high for me on the Geek-ometer, but so does waffling on about Post-rock when I am drunk or sober.
I do seem to waffle about music a bit when I am drunk, generally the conversation (more accurately described by my wife as, my dribbling, drunken rant) will move towards Post-rock via Talk Talk and somewhere in there Swans will get a mention. I always think Swans lie somewhere between brilliant and terrifying, it sounds like speed metal on 3 RPM. Some great, but ultimately terrifying, tracks on this album, heavy doesn’t come close. I particularly like the sequence, and titles, Cop, Butcher, Thug.
Micro review; Music to hide bodies to
Hidden gem: Half Life, this sounds like what I would have loved the White Stripes to be


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