Sticky Fingers – The Rolling Stones

I have been having a bit of a Stones-athon the last week or so, influenced in part by the 50th anniversary hype.
Oh the joys of music social networking. One of my Facebook friends connected their Spotify account to Facebook recently. This meant that his Facebook friends could see what songs he was listening to. And the first song to come up on Facebook was Wild Horses, unfortunately not The Rolling Stones version, but the Susan Boyle one, oh dear.
Brown Sugar, I think, has a guitar riff to die for, it is perfect and Keef makes the playing of it effortless. It is a bit of a nasty song though and we can safely say it isn’t about sucrose sugar products. The best track, for me, is Sister Morphine, what a track and Marianne Faithful’s version is also wonderful. In many ways Marianne’s version has more depth, she always sang it like she felt it.
Micro review; Can Susan Boyle become Jagger’s new muse?


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