When Our Grandfathers Said No – The Young’Uns

A friend sent me a text a couple of weeks ago recommending the film Chernobyl Dairies, I assumed it was about collective Soviet milk production in the 1970s, a small typo makes all the difference. I sent him a text back pointing out the error and we got into a bit of an exchange about new music and he mentioned a band which he termed were, from up your way, The Young’Uns.
This was a great surprise, and also to find out they were from Hartlepool made it an even better find. They also sound like the place they are from, there are no faux Irish/Scots accents going on in this, these boys are Poolies. The first track Another Storm is a great opener. My favourite track on first listen is probably The Battle of Stockton, beautiful.
Micro review; Like Mumford and Sons, but with depth and songs and heart and a sense of history and place…
Hidden gem; Wild Goose


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