Dark Undercoat – Emily Jane White

He said lady where’s your dark undercoat?
I already wrote about this in August, but I fancied listening to it again as I was on holiday in Scotland at the time and never really gave it a proper listen. Thing is it sounds even better, 5 months down the line.
I still stand by my completely reductionist summing up of her as a female guitar playing Cormac McCarthy possessed by the spirit of Joan Crawford, hey if it ain’t broke.
Wild Tigers I have Known (Eric Satie in a trailer park, you have to hear it to get this remark) and The Demon are still standouts, but other tracks (well all of them really) are getting some heavy rotation in our house, Dagger for example is simply amazing, stripped down Alt country.
She is hard to define, which is good. It is like trying to define the Grateful Dead’s sound, you basically put a string of 10 musical genres in a sentence then put hybrid at the end.
Hidden gem: Dark Undercoat, gloriously dark folk

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