Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes

The best album released in 2011 by a west coast indie-baroque-folk hybrid bearded quintet (although rather worryingly Robin Peckfold has shaved and cut his hair). I wanted to listen to this in the snow last week, but I was too late and I ended up listening to it surrounded by grey slush. I put it on today, wow, this is such a great album. The Shine/An Argument was getting some serious rotation in the car today, and I am not kidding I had goosebumps, huge ones. I felt sorry for everyone sitting in traffic next to me, listening to their X Factor compilations, (I could tell by their dead eyes) I wanted to wind my window down and say hey mate, just listen to this for a minute, your day will get so much better.
Micro review: Probably as perfect as an album can get, Novocain for the soul, well, maybe more like pipe tobacco.
Hidden gem: Someone You’d Admire

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