In Search of Space – Hawkwind

While sitting watching TV last night I heard again some inappropriate TV ad music, Hawkwind selling cars? What will those imaginative ad execs. think of next? Maybe they could use Crass’s How does it Feel to Be the Mother of A Thousand Dead to advertise HSBC, or Billy Bragg’s Ideology to advertise Geordie Shore. Anyway I dug this out after seeing the ad, my favourite 1970s space rockers.
Master of the Universe is great, whether accompanied by a man diving through car doors or not, I could see why they wanted to use it, with a bass riff that, well, I suppose comes from space. I often wonder how they were influenced to write about space, it is not like any of them ever worked for NASA.
Micro review; Krautrock from Surrey
Stand-out track; You Should’t Do That, 15 glories minutes aural head charge. I often wondered if surgeons listened to Hawkwind while they were working. Imagine coming round from the anaesthetic to hear the fade out of this, I would be deeply concerned.

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