Christ: The Album – Crass

As I already listened to Chas and Dave’s Christmas Cockney Knees up earlier this year I thought this was the second most appropriate album to listen to on Christmas Eve. And in a counter-revolutionary spirit I listened to this tonight eating foie gras and drinking Bollinger, I didn’t really, I am an anarchist. Earlier today my wife asked me to do the washing-up, I refused to do it on the grounds that it is bourgeois.
I am listening to this album tonight in the kitchen, while doing the washing-up.
Birth Control ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll sounds great tonight, a cross between the Slits and Bow Wow Wow. Deadhead is also really good, I don’t think I have listened to this album since the mid 1980s, it is funny how relevant much of this sounds tonight, especially the track Sentiment.
Micro review: Crush the system, well maybe not crush, how about tut loudly at the system.


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