Roxy Music – Roxy Music

And so the big strapping lad from a Durham pit village wears some eyeliner and the rest is history. Mr. Ferry always seemed quite comfortable in his glam. More so than say Mick Ronson, I always imagined him telling Bowie, in his Humberside accent, I’ll wear the eyeliner, David, but I draw the line at lipstick, northern men and glam, eh.
I still think Re-Make/Re-Model is one the best opening tracks of any album, with big bald Bry’s synth from the moon. Then, bam, Ladytron, the best track 2 of any album.
Aside; Don’t want to turn into a meta-bore but the blog is proving difficult to write over the holiday period, maybe, as Charles Dickens would have said, I made too merry last night.

2 thoughts on “Roxy Music – Roxy Music

  1. Great album, and here’s my stupid aside: I had a friend in high school (Canada) whose dad went to school with Ferry. Ferry stole my friends’ dad’s girlfriend, my friends dad punched Ferry in the face and neither ended up with the girl.

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