Psychedelic Pill – Neil Young

Driving around town today, buying the last few bits for our New Years Eve party, I was trying to find something to listen to on the radio. Generally in Tennessee I have to crawl through 50 country music channels and evangelical channels before finding something. I found the local NPR station (National Public Radio, a less posh Radio 4) and heard the unmistakable sound of Neil Young’s distorted guitar. I was quite happy with myself that I recognised Mr. Young’s guitar sound, he plays the guitar like no one, he seems to let it play itself.
The track in question was She’s Always Dancing, I hadn’t yet heard this album, so I wasn’t entirely sure if this track was on it. So for the next couple of hours I trawled around small town Tennessee in search of the album. After a couple of near misses, I gave up after a fruitless, and soul destroying Walmart visit and went back and bought it on itunes.
Micro review; Like a fleece blanket, I wrapped myself up in this album and drifted off to another place.

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