Happy Songs For Happy People – Mogwai

Trying to decide what to listen to today for our road trip through Kentucky and Tennessee. I tried everything Americana (whatever that is supposed to mean), Alt Country, blues. In the end I stumped for a bunch of Scotsmen playing moody guitar symphonies, I don’t know, but it made sense. How can something so beautiful be produced by the same culture that gave us The Krankies (I always get a queasy feeling whenever I see the Krankies on TV).
I really like this album, especially some of the titles, I Know You Are but What Am I? being one of the best titles ever. Another great title is Hunted by a Freak, it is also a great track and sounds amazing today as we wind our way through the Tennessee mountains, on our way to Kentucky.
Micro review; Loud, quiet, louder, quieter

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