The Joshua Tree – U2

I thought, when in Rome etc, etc, and as I am back in Dublin I thought I would give U2 another run-out. As I write this though I have to admit that every Irish person I have met here, and everyone I have met outside of Ireland have never professed a love of U2, so there you go. Although one thing I have picked up from Ireland is a better understanding of the use of the word Feck.
When I watched Father Ted I thought, quite wrongly as it turned out, that when Father Jack said Feck all the time it was a way of allowing him to say the F word without saying it, I never thought that it was actually a term in current, and widespread use in Ireland. It is a great way of saying it, without saying it and I am surprised it doesn’t get used more outside of Ireland. For example U2 would be far more interesting if they incorporated it. Imagine, I Still Haven’t Found What I am Feckin Looking For, or Where the Streets Have No Feckin Name.
An aside; When in feckin Rome…listen to the Virgin Prunes

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