Sheer Heart Attack – Queen

I put myself in the unenviable position today of trying to choose a favourite Queen album. As I don’t really like them that much it was both unenviable, and idiotic. I feel like I have to have them in the blog though, so here it goes. I think it is difficult trying to pick a Queen album as they have two distinct periods, we can call them pre-tash and post-tash Mercury. In this respect it is also like trying to pick a favourite Bert Reynolds film, I would go deliverance as my pre-tash pick and of course, Smokey and the Bandit III as my post-tash.
Listening to this I still find it puzzling why so many metal heads at school liked them, there are certainly elements of metal/rock there, but a track like Killer Queen doesn’t real scream metal at me. But Brain May really can play, even if you don’t like them (which I really don’t) you can still lose yourself in Mr. May’s hot licks (oh err missus).
Hidden gem; In the Lap of the Gods, wonderfully pompous and Roger Taylor, one of the highest voices in showbiz

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