Swordfishtrombones – Tom Waits

I thought today I would try to recreate my Tennessee Christmas holiday, I decided to listen to this album tonight drinking Jack Daniels, a Tennessee whisky. When we were younger, we read that Keith Richards’ current drink of choice was the very Rock ‘n’ Roll Wild Turkey. So we decided to follow our mentor, Keith, down this particular path, however there was a problem. As we had drunk nothing but Post-punk Snakebite (lager and cider mix) Wild Turkey was quite a blow to our sensitive young palettes and it turned out that none of us really liked whisky that much. So I am sitting here, nursing a whisky for 90 minutes (I never did develop a taste for it) and it couldn’t really be Tennessee, as there are no squirrels, to quote Werner Herzog, please describe an encounter with a squirrel.
This is the absolute perfect album to pretend to drink whisky to, especially In the Neighbourhood, which is not only one of his best songs, it must rate as one of my favourite songs ever, behind Joni Mitchell’s Blue of course (the most perfect song in the world).
Micro review; A trailer park Captain Beefheart, but must we always refer to him as rum-soaked.
Hidden gem; 16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six (I stood about 5 feet from him when he played this on the music TV show, the Tube in the mid 1980s, I was never the same again)

One thought on “Swordfishtrombones – Tom Waits

  1. Nice job on the close-up – I love moments like that.

    Also, mix you whiskey with a little bit of spiced liqueur and if you’re not digging the straight-burn (whiskey is a drink-of-choice out here, but we just shoot it out of the bottle).

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