The Greatest Hits – Earth, Wind & Fire

Guilty pleasure number 462, say it loud, say it proud, Eath, Wind and Fire. That is me, well and truly out of this particular musical closet.
The problem with Earth, Wind and Fire is trying to pick an album from their catalogue of 7,437 Best of.. compilations (of course I am exaggerating this number slightly for comic effect, but there are a lot). If there was ever an album to get a party started, this is it. I have seen it with mine own eyes, goths, punks, metal heads, grannys, all united under the unity of Earth, Wind and Fire
Micro review: Like Curry and Chip sandwiches, you know it is wrong, but you can’t help yourself
Best lyrical moment; Just move yourself, and glide like a 747.
Standout track; Boogie Wonderland, it still hits all the buttons
Micro review; Disco with a third eye

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