Moving Waves – Focus

There weren’t many Dutch yodeling rock bands to emerge from the 1970s, but Focus are without a doubt the best of the bunch. How can anyone not love this, riffs on a flute and Jan Akkerman, the Jimi Hendrix of the harmonic minor scale. They might be odd bedfellows but yodeling and heavy-metal do indeed work.
I remember when Hocus Pocus was shown on Whistle Test in the 80s, the original footage from 1972. This was a time when most people had 4 channels of TV to watch and no internet. The next day it seemed like everyone I knew saw them and thought they were brilliant (this kind of shared collective consciousness rarely happens now).
Micro review; Just play Hocus Pocus, then play it again. When it is finished, play it again.
Hidden gem; Janis (overshadowed by Hocus Pocus, but brilliant)
An aside; Apparently Ship of Memories by Focus was used as torture against detainees in Bagram, Afghanistan. I actually just made that up.

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