Life is People – Bill Fay

There’s back story then there’s Bill Fay’s back story. After releasing a couple of great albums in the late 60s/early 70s Bill drifted into obscurity, working in factories, washing floors and whatever else is the current urban myth. Then he was pushed back into the studio to make this album, which I will say here, is an instant classic. However there is another way to look at this, the time between the last two official Bill Fay albums is 41 years and saying that out loud makes it sound so wrong. This guy should be on his 25th album now, but all we have are 4 proper albums since 1967. The musical world is fickle and we exist in it like a version of the Matrix created by Simon Cowell.
When is a cover version not a cover version? Answer: When Bill Fay does it. This version of Wilko’s Jesus etc transcends the original in every way. Striped back to the bones, every chord matters and every breath you hear him take adds to the song.
Hidden gem; Empires
Micro review; Life is people, it certainly is Bill.

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