Fear of Music – Talking Heads

The track Animals is basically proof, if more proof were indeed needed, that Davey Byrne is a few Penguin Classics short of a set. When I first heard this album I really didn’t get it, it didn’t fit the narrow, jaundiced version of New Wave that I had created in my head. It sounded, all foreign. When I finally got the music, then I started to consider the lyrics, I am still coming to grips with those. The track Heaven is still musically a big furry blanket of a song, every so often I like to wrap myself in it, tonight is one of those times.
Hidden gem; Cities (irresistible Post-funk, Television plays Sister Sledge)
Micro Review; Fear of David Byrne’s head
An aside; I would still pay good money to see Talking Heads do one last tour.

2 thoughts on “Fear of Music – Talking Heads

  1. In 1979 I thought this album was the very thing. I was not the only one, the NME made it their Album of the Year. I saw the “Fear of Music” tour twice in a week…great gigs. Don’t play it so much now, must dig it out. “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around”..
    The expanded band for the next tour was an all-time Top 10 concert.

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