Six Demon Bag – Man Man

A couple of years ago a guy I worked with sent me a youtube link and said, this is the band I am going to see tonight. I opened and watched it and became instantly hooked (the link in question is Black Mission Goggles live from Amoeba, go and check it out, it is absolutely barmy). The whole album is mad, and gloriously addictive. With nods to Tom Waits, music hall, The Fuggs, Zappa and general psychological anomalies, but they are much more than the sum of their parts. Black Mission Goggles is one of my favourite tracks for sentimental reasons. Van Helsing Boombox is another great track, and is pretty much impossible to classify and the most commercial (if you can ever use that word in relation to Man Man) track on the album. I spent all day listening to this, much to the annoyance of everyone around me. The only band Phineas Phreak would ever listen to.
Micro review; Imagine a band booked to go into the studio to record a Disney soundtrack, just before they go into the studio they take an inordinate amount of mescaline, this is that album.
Hidden gem; Push the Eagles stomach
Hidden gem 2; Tunneling Through the Guy
Best lyric; Mustache, Mustache, Mustache, Mustache, Mustache

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