Cheerio And Toodlepip! The Complete Singles – Toy Dolls

I know this is not a popular thing to say if you are from God’s Own Region (North East England) but I feel I have to confess. I do not like the Toy Dolls. There, I have admitted it, I am finally out of the airing cupboard, or whatever other small colloquial northern room that may or may not be funny. And if I have to hear them ever again I will slash my throat with a broken Lurkers EP. The only track on here that is relatively interesting is Fisticuffs in Frederick Street and the only reason I am calling it out is that I have certainly seen my fair share of brawls on the aforementioned street and can speak from experience as to the song’s social realism.
An aside; Why can’t national pie week and national chip week be the same week, save me so much time and confusion.
Another aside: I really just wanted to listen to the opposite of John Cage, and this was it.

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