The Story of Trojan Records – Various

Instead of fussing and fighting
Cheating, backbiting scandalizing and hating
Baby we could have a
Wonderful world, beautiful people.
If it is March then it is time for another Trojan box set. Did you know if you put all the released Trojan boxsets end to end they will reach from here to Jamica and back? I have no idea if that is true, but it sounds plausible. This is a great box set, nothing obscure here, just the hits, nothing else.
What better way is there to brighten up a gloomy Sunday than with Jimmy Cliff’s Wonderful World, Beautiful People, it really doesn’t get much better.
Hidden gem; Elizabethean Reggae
Best Wake-up to song; Skinhead Moonstomp of course, what else, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah.

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