Public Image: First Issue – Public Image LTD

When we were kids one of the most coveted punk/new wave items to own was the first Public Image single with the newspaper sleeve. Even in 1978/1979 this was a hard item to come by and would still sell for 3 or 4 pounds on market stalls, quite a lot of money when you were a kid. One time, while rummaging through a box of singles in a secondhand record shop in Durham, I found a copy for 1.50, this was a bargain. The only problem was I only had one pound with me. None of my friends would let me borrow the extra 50 pence. I decided to hide the single in the heavy metal section, which would buy me some time to run home get the extra 50 pence and come back and buy it. However, it turned out that when I left to get the money one of my friends took it from the metal section and put it at the front of the main box of singles. They said it was gone within 10 minutes, so my 4 mile round trip to get 50 pence ended in total failure.
Standout track; Religion II, amazing.
Prologue; I eventually bought the single 30 years later on ebay for a fiver.
An aside; All you digital kids will never have the experience of having to run 4 miles to get 50 pence only to have your friends scupper the deal, see what you miss when you use itunes.

6 thoughts on “Public Image: First Issue – Public Image LTD

  1. God that is so funny! I used to do the same thing, except I’d stash my ‘wish list’ under a really terrible artist instead of a genre. Trouble was I’d often forget where I stashed them and would end up looking through rows and rows and rows and rows….took friggin’ forever.


  2. Finding a coveted piece of vinyl, and then losing it….classic. And yeah, that was a very coveted single and I was lucky enough to buy it when it was first released.

  3. Oh so true. I was still in diapers in 1979. For me, it was audiocassettes and then soon, CD’s. But I was always fascinated by the art and method of records. I would put on my dad’s huge headphones, set up a couple records on the Sony turntable (it would hold 2 and play one after the next, with the needle moving automatically, and the dust/static broom clearing the way) and listen to the score from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bill Cosby’s Wonderfulness, or The White Album and fall asleep in the old white beanbag chair.

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