Standing at the Sky’s Edge – Richard Hawley

Every six months or so some Guardian journalist will utter the pointless mantra – Guitar music is on the way back. I seem to hear this without fail every 6 months or so and although I don’t see the charts stuffed full of Fenders and Gibsons jostling for supremacy guitar music hasn’t ever gone away, it just gets drowned out at times.
This is a wonderful guitar album and if I were to sum it up in one word it would have to be, spacey. It has a very psychedelic vibe and it is one of those albums were all the songs seem to work together, as a whole. Down in The Woods is a great trippy rock out and sounded great tonight blasting out of the man cave.
Hidden gem; Time Will Bring You Winter
Micro review; A soundtrack for bespectacled youths in one-roomed bedsits.

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