Zuckerzeit – Cluster

Monday morning and time for some German electronica. I was listening to this album at work last week and one of the guys, who I have briefly spoken to about music, was walking past and asked me what I was listening to. At first I was going to say Kraftwerk, but then I thought no, I will let him have both barrels. So I said Cluster, he stood there staring at me, either trying to process it, or thinking who is this pretentious English wanker who works in our office. I then added – They are a German ambient band from the 1970s, with that he shrugged his shoulders and walked away.
The fourth best band in Düsseldorf are very much an acquired taste, but some of this album is amazing and I guess the brothers Mothersbaugh thought so to. Is it me or does Caramel sound like the Devo track Mongoloid?
This band had two of the coolest electronica names ever; Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius, I would have loved to have been called Moebius.
I always felt sorry for Cluster groupies, not that they ever had to have sex, I think Roedelius got them to make Oblique Strategies cards.
Hidden gem; Rosa
Micro review; It all sounds so loose and fluid, like jazz played on synths, but it needs more cowbell.
An aside; Such was the importance of this group, chocolate bars, headaches and bombs were named after them.

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