Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

During my punk rock/new wave years you would have heard my snorts of lofty anarcho-syndicalist derision from a mile away when someone mentioned this album. They were forever my anti-band, the one band I pulled out to show what cocaine can do to rock music. However, I didn’t realise at the time, but one day I would be a 45-year-old, hi-fi owning bore, who enjoys, and uses the phrase; high production values. I am pretty sure my 17 year-old self would have wanted to kick my 45 year-old self in the face for admitting this. My 45 year-old self wants to apologise to my 17 year-old self, sorry mate, but it is a good album.
With all that was going on with the band at the time, divorce, coke, separation, affairs, coke, disagreements, coke and musical differences, this album should have been a mess. But it seemed to galvanise them, and the breakdown in their relationships inspired some of the greatest lyrics on the album.
Micro review; Seeing that we now live in a world (well the BBC do) where punk has become the norm, liking this album feels almost like a radical act.
Best track; Dreams


2 thoughts on “Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

  1. Yeah, I thought they were scum except I loved Dreams which was the single that made me aware of them as a teenager – I loved it so much I had to admit to it (“Yeah, it’s quite good”) which was quite shaming to someone with Siouxsie and the Banshees (Hong Kong Garden lettering) on the back of his school haversack. In my memory that track is mixed up with Patti Smith’s Because the Night and some generic Kate Bush wailing and something about my love for women in rock. Even if it is hippy and coke-addled. I eventually bought Rumours & Tusk on CD, not that I play them much.

  2. My young self and old self is still taken aback by the flagrant hanging balls on the cover but it is a great album…all those complex moving parts that somehow reached symmetry.

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