The Next Day – David Bowie

Not so much an album release, but an event 10 years in the waiting, I always knew he would make another album, these guys live for it, they can’t help themselves. It was inevitable that I would return to this for round two. People who read this blog, or know me know I am a fairly big Bowie fan, but I have to admit it is never always plain sailing with the Duke. He has certainly had his misses, a few too many to ignore. Most of the press and media seem to ignore the off-colour changes of this musical chameleon, Tin Machine anyone?
After a few streaming listens, and now the full-blown album, with track skipping, I have to say there are so many great tracks, I am not saying it is a masterpiece, maybe not Citizen Kane, but certainly an On The Waterfront. Love is Lost seems to be getting a fair few plays, along with Where Are We Now, which I still think is the best single he has done since Up The Hill Backwards.
Hidden gem; Dirty Boys, just fantastic.
Hidden gem 2; I’ll Take You There, sounds like a lost track from Lodger.
Micro review; It has to be said, nobody in rock music, past or present, could come back from the dead like this.


6 thoughts on “The Next Day – David Bowie

  1. To be honest, I’ve been back and forth on whether I would give this album another listen after not being impressed with the first single and a ho hum listen on album stream but your words here have got me thinking I should give it another go.

  2. Extra listens do pay off and it soon turns into a hell of an album. However, Mr. Yongkuk lies as he texted me that Bowie had died. Just as he texted me that Pope John Paul II was dead two days before he really did his dinger.
    Maybe I lie – but not about the Pope!

  3. I was disappointed on my initial listen, but it has gotten much better with time. I think the reason is that there are precious few ear-catching riffs. My only complaints are that almost all the verses are kind of chanted, rather than sung, and his lyrics are repeated a lot in the songs. It’s still a very good album.

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