Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars

200 days down, 2800 to go, easy.
This is just a gorgeous album, glorious folk-country with resplendent vocals to match. This deserved to be more popular in the UK, one appearance on Later…does not a career make. Alas, it is too late now as they no longer exist as an entity. Listening to this over the last year or so, including today, I keep thinking I have heard these songs before, they sound so familiar, it is all so effortless, the sign of a great album.
There is one thing about this album though, I really don’t like the title track, it sounds like Bon Jovi, and doesn’t belong on this record, very odd.
Stand-out; 20 Years, just amazing.
Hidden gem; Difficult to pick one, To Whom it May Concern is a great track, and it is a track four, track fours always get overlooked.

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