Super Trouper – ABBA

I have been wrestling with this dilemma all day, I can’t eat, sleep or concentrate on work. My problem is, which ABBA album to listen to tonight. I thought about going for the lighter, Arrival or ABBA the Album, then thought I would give the darker (yes, there are dark ABBA albums) albums a shot, in the end I went for Super Trouper.
I have been obsessing about this album all day, well more the track The Winner Takes it All. It is a funny old game this lyric writing lark, especially when you are writing songs about your failed relationship to the person singing your lyrics. Literally putting words into her mouth, there is a cultural studies thesis in there somewhere. If I were a post-structuralist feminist I could have a field day with this, but alas, I’m not.
An aside; I have spent the whole night annoying my family by singing; Su-pa-pa, Tru-pa-pa at least once every 10 minutes.
Best track; Lay All Your Love on Me
Micro review; Best concept album about a lighting rig I have ever heard


Zeit – Tangerine Dream

If Bryce Seligman DeWitt is correct and the Many-Worlds theory is proven correct then this Tangerine Dream album could possibly be the most important record in at least one of the millions of alternate realities that would exist alongside ours, imagine watching Edgar Froese as a judge on the X-factor. I used to think Atem was the hardest listen of the T-Dream canon, but after listening to this again I have got to say this is some strange album. I tried a little experiment with this album tonight and put it on in a darkened room, I lasted about 3 minutes then turned the light on.
An aside; I once vomited after listening to this album, at the time I blamed a dodgy pie, I now think I should have blamed it on dodgy ambient, krautrock.
Micro review; Music from another dimension, quite literally. Sounds even scarier in the dark.
Hidden gem; I am still looking, seems to be well hidden
Best Track; Birth of Liquid Plejades, for about 45 seconds (8:05-8:50)