Lady from Shanghai – Pere Ubu

It is amazing to think that this is their 14th studio album. I am so glad this band are still around, and making interesting albums too. I saw them for the first time a couple of weeks back and they were fantastic live. However, I was distracted during the gig as I thought Dave Thomas was going to fall over, he looked drunk, but you know with Mr. Thomas it is probably an act and all part of the experience. It really got in the way of my enjoyment, I should have been a health and safety officer. I love the track Feuksley Ma’am, the Hearing, even though there are no real discernible lyrics.
Standout track; The aptly named, Musicians are Scum.
Hidden Gem; And Then Nothing Happened.
Micro review; Dave Thomas’ voice is the best and most subtle instrument on this album.
An aside; I spent an evening at a Madonna gig in the early 90s wanting to shout out; be careful love, you are going to have someone’s eye out with that whip. Maybe I was a health and safety officer in a former life.

Symphony No. 6 – Gustav Mahler

I realised this morning that I have yet to feature some classical music, I have dabbled in the avant-garde end of things with Micky Nyman and Big Phil Glass. To be fair, to be real classical music, the composer needs to be dead for at least 50 years.
I saw this performed live when I was at University, afterwards I decided to eschew rock music in favour of my new-found love, classical music, I lasted about 3 weeks (hearing Stereolab on the radio one night pushed me back into the rock music maelstrom). Gustav Mahler is, I suppose, the Ian Curtis of the late-Romantic period, let’s say they both shared a healthy pessimism.
Standout track; First Movement