Songs the Lord Taught Us – The Cramps

This album can only ever be played on vinyl, any attempt to play this music in a digital medium should result in immediate and very appropriate demonic possession. I haven’t played this record for possibly 15 years, and it just sounds amazing, especially as I am playing I’m Cramped at about 140 decibels, I think I can see the spirits of all the people who have died in our house, they are up and dancing.
I was lucky to see them in the late 1980s at the Mayfair (RIP) in Newcastle. Lux was climbing around on the speaker stacks and we all thought he was going to fall and break his neck, the boy was crazy.
Micro review; And so goth-a-billy, graveyard-a-billy and death-a-billy were born. This is what music would sound like if there were no bass players.
Hidden gem; I Was a Teenage Werewolf, it still makes me smile.
Best track; Sunglasses After Dark
RIP Lux and Bryan

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