Neither Washington Nor Moscow – The Redskins

An event happened today that had an effect on tonights album choice. I was in a meeting room listening to someone discuss how to define User Acceptance Testing scenarios (yes, I am rock and roll personified). Without warning one of my colleagues looked up from their laptop screen and uttered the words, Margaret Thatcher is dead. There was, not surprisingly, very little sadness over her passing from this room of Irish men and women, and I imagined the parties being held tonight in the Pit Villages of Durham and Northumberland.
So I thought what would be the most appropriate album to listen to tonight to celebrate this thing we call Thatcherism, and the best one I could think of is the debut by The Redskins. I think the last time I played this was when Margaret was in full flow closing down the north-east and throwing generations on the scrap heap, but I digress.
It’s definitely of it’s time, but it is a great album and I would like to thank Mrs T for reacquainting me with this album.
Micro Review; Marxist Northern Soul, not words you usually see together in the same sentence.
Standout; Keep on Keeping on

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